These General Conditions of Sale (General Conditions, hereinafter) are intended to regulate the remote purchase, over the internet, of products and services made available on the website com (the Site, hereinafter). Products purchased from are sold directly by Arsenale 5 srl ("Arsenale 5"), licensee of the Pànchic brand.

All purchases of products and services made on the Site (Purchase Contracts, hereinafter) by users accessing the Site (Customers, hereinafter) are regulated by these General Conditions, as well as by other provisions and operating instructions contained in the Site. In the event of conflict between the content of the aforementioned provisions and operating instructions, and that of the General Conditions, the General Conditions shall prevail.

Any special payment-related transaction and/or condition that may be accorded to the Customer outside the terms of the General Conditions shall be valid only if Arsenale 5 has expressed acceptance of the special condition in writing.
The provisions of the present General Conditions apply without distinction to all Customers, except for those provisions where applicability only to Consumers is expressly envisaged. The term "Consumer" is used to define persons who purchase products or services offered by the site for purposes extraneous to their business or professional activity, if any; under the terms of these General Conditions, it is presumed that Customers who enter a VAT registration number in the area of the Site where Customer details are supplied, when submitting proposals to purchase products or services, will not be ‘Consumers”. In addition, articles 50 to 63 of Italian Legislative Decree n° 206/2005 are applied to Purchase Contracts made with Consumers.

Arsenale 5 shall be at liberty to change the content of the General Conditions indicated in this document at any time, without prior notice. Any changes made to the content will become effective from the date of publication on the Site, as indicated in the heading of the selfsame General Conditions.

Purchase procedure

The Customer can purchase the products included in the electronic catalogue on the Site, as illustrated in detail on the home page and in the respective sections organized by product category, and as described in the respective information pages displayed on the Site, observing the access procedures illustrated.
The publication of products and services on the Site constitutes an invitation to the Customer to formulate a proposal for a Purchase Contract. The order sent by the Customer has the status of a contract proposal and implies full knowledge and complete acceptance of the present General Conditions.

Succesful recipt of the proposal from the Customer is confirmed by Arsenale 5 in an automatic reply sent to the email address communicated by the Customer. The reply is generated automatically by the system and confirms only that the proposal has been successfully received. The message of confirmation will indicate the “Order Number” to be cited in all subsequent correspondence with Arsenale 5.

All items of information relating to the order can be requested by writing to the email address, indicating the Order Number on the Subject line. Each Purchase Contract made between Arsenale 5 and the Customer shall be deemed as completed with acceptance of the order by Arsenale 5. Arsenale 5 remains at liberty to accept or refuse an order submitted by any Customer, at its own discretion, with no entitlement on the part of the Customer to claim rights or redress of whatever nature, including compensation, in the event of the order not being accepted. Acceptance of the order by Arsenale 5 is regarded as being given tacitly unless communicated otherwise no later than 48 hours after the order has been submitted, in an email message sent to the address indicated by the Customer. The date on which the order becomes effective is deemed to be that on which payment has been remitted and received, or on which receipt is confirmed by Arsenale 5. This same procedure may differ according to the conditions and/or means of payment selected by the Customer.
In sending the order, by any of the various methods indicated in the operating instructions of the Site, the Customer effectively confirms having seen all of the indications provided during the purchase procedure, and fully accepts the General Conditions, as well as the conditions of payment described hereunder.

Prices of products – delivery charges – availability of products
The price and availability of products advertised on the Site are subject to change at any time and without notice, although on the understanding that, in the case of orders pending acceptance or accepted by Arsenale 5 as indicated above, the conditions of sale in force at the moment of the order being sent by the Customer shall continue to apply.
Products are advertised on the Site as being available for shipment. This availability of products is not updated in real time; furthermore, given that large numbers of users may access the Site simultaneously, the actual availability of single products can vary significantly during the course of a given day from the situation as illustrated on the Site. Arsenale 5 neither makes any commitment nor guarantees that orders for products purchased from and advertised as available on the Site are certain to be filled immediately, and therefore will not be accountable under any circumstances for possible delays affecting delivery.
In the event that the delivery of the ordered product should be delayed beyond the date indicated on the Site at the time of ordering, Arsenale 5 undertakes to inform the Customer promptly by sending a message to the email address provided by the Customer.
The cost of the single shipment, which may vary depending on the method of delivery and payment, on the destination country, and on the total value of the order, is added to the overall price of the purchased merchandise, indicated clearly and communicated to the Customer on the Site, before the Purchase Contract is completed.
The illustration of the products on the Site, where available, will consist normally in photographs of the various items, which are provided purely for the purpose of presenting the merchandise for sale, with no guarantee or assurance on the part of Arsenale 5 that the image on the Site will correspond exactly to the product in real life, especially with regard to the actual dimensions and/or colours of the products depicted.

Minimum order
The minimum order value accepted in order to complete the purchase procedure on the Site is € 49,00.

For UK customers the minimum order is equal or greater than € 160,00

Right of withdrawal
If you are not satisfied with you order, you can exercise your right to withdraw within 14 working days from the delivery of the goods (the working days will start to be counted on the prove of occurred delivery). The goods must be returned intact.

Conditions to exercise the right of withdrawal
In order to have the right to withdraw, you will have to respect these simple conditions in order to obtain the refund of what you remitted during the purchasing process.

The goods return request should reach our Customer Care within and not after the 14th working day from da date of occurred delivery.

The products should be returned in one only shipping and, possibly, inside the original packaging that has been handed over to you, complete in all its parts. Compulsorily, avoid the application of labels or tags or adhesive tape right on the original packaging of the product.

Products from the same order sent in different moments will not be accepted.

The products will have to be sent intact and will not have to been used or damaged.

Withdrawal request
In order to proceed with the withdrawal request you will have to access to your secure area and follow the guided procedure. Your withdrawal request will be notified to our Customer Care, who will assess if accepting it or not.

The authorization by the Customer Cara will be confirmed by an email in which you can find the link to follow to access your secure area.

Once we received the returned good, our responsible will evaluate the condition of the product and proceed to close your request. Every single activity will be notified by email and you can follow them by logging in in your reserved area.


Procedure and shipping expenses
You can send the items you’d like to return as you wish, using express delivery or the regular postal service.
Shipping expenses will be on you in the following cases:
• The size of the article is not correct
• The product you bought doesn’t satisfy your expectations

The shipment is under responsibility of the client until the moment our warehouse will receive it.
Shipping expenses will be on us in the following cases:
• One or more products you received are not in compliance with what you ordered
• The products you ordered show clear manufacturing defect

In these cases we will schedule a pick up through our fast delivery in order that you can return the goods without shipping expenses.

The goods will have to be sent to the following address:

Reparto Logistica WW

Non-acceptance of the returner goods from Pànchic
In the case the above-cited conditions are not respected or a damage on the product is spotted, Pà will reserve its right to not accept the rendered good.
In this case you can decide to have the product back, providing yourself for the shipping charges. Hereafter it will not be possible to reject the delivery.
Returned goods coming from different countries from the countries in which they were delivered will not be accepted.

Timing of refund
The refund of the total price of the products will occur within and not after 30 days from the date of the delivery.

The timing of the refund will vary according to the payment method you used; in particular:
• Credit card: the technical timing to receive the refund depends on your lending institution. The currency date of the refund will not vary from the currency date of the charge.
• Paypal: the refund will be effectuated directly on your Paypal account and will be visible in a couple of days. Paypal will also send you a communication about the refund.


The Purchase Contract between the Customer and Arsenale 5 is completed in Italy and regulated by Italian Law. Any dispute arising from the Contract shall be submitted exclusively to the Judicial Authority of Treviso, local division of Castelfranco Veneto.

Processing of personal data (Privacy Policy)
A statement on the processing of personal data by Arsenale 5 can be viewed on the page of the website dedicated to privacy matters, at this address:, go to Privacy Policy.